I'm Leetan.

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA, but I didn't find my passion for photography until I moved to Arizona in 2006. There, I worked towards building my portfolio and creating art that had no theme. It wasn't until late 2013 when I discovered my love for portraits and making those authentic moments come alive through photos. I soon earned my degree in photography and utilized it in many areas of my professional life. After living in Arizona for 13 years, I finally moved to Oregon in 2019.

I now live in Central Valley California near modesto!

Capturing those ever-lasting, forever moments.

My dad was a scrapbooking king before scrapbooking was a thing. I know how important it is for us in this day and age to savor those authentic moments in life. Having a phone with access to your pictures and videos in the cloud does not do the same justice as pulling-out-the-box-full-of-printed-photos-and-memoirs-type-of-feeling. I am dedicated to making those once-in-a-lifetime moments real and raw for many generations to come. Coming from both California and Arizona, I have a deep connection to both styles of photography. One can say that my work is very pure with a southwest twang.

The Process

01. Connect

If you're interested in working with me, please feel free to reach out! Even if you just have questions, I'd love to hear from you and workshop from there!

The First Step

02. Plan

This part of the process can be one of the stressful components to the day of your shoot or wedding. I am here to help alleviate that pressure whenever and wherever I can!

The second step

03. Cherish

Whether you upload your photos to your social media, in the cloud, or even put them in a shoebox, you'll have these moments forever.

The last and forever step